The following services each represent a pathway to your own inner guidance and
    healing abilities.  My intention is not to become a replacement for your own innate
    abilities but rather to help you fully access and utilize them yourself.  Thus, most
    of what is covered below not only represents services you can receive but tools and
    skills that you will be able to learn and apply on your own.  

    Heart Directed Intuitive Coaching – Tools for Heart Directed Living

    Coaching and teaching are at the core of all my services and focus on helping you
    improve your ability to access your heart centered intuitive guidance and wisdom
    while interacting with the world around you and dealing with its many challenges.  
    It is through access to your Heart Center that you learn to make life choices that
    are consistent with your highest/best good and centered in your joy rather than
    your fears and doubts.  

    Tools for Heart Directed living is a mentored series of tailored experiential and
    didactic teachings relating to key life management areas.  Our life experiences are
    teaching and learning opportunities.  Contrary to popular belief these
    opportunities need not be painful experiences.  Heart Centered Living tools will
    offer you a more gentle approach to change, addressing areas of internal/external
    conflict, and pursuing your heart’s desire.   

    Heart Centered Emotional Clearing

    Our emotions are neither good nor bad.  They are merely guides to tell us if our
    thinking and actions are moving us in a direction of joy or pain.  Moreover,
    beneath the emotion is guidance often in the form of clarity.  If we choose we can
    use this guidance to adjust our thinking and actions in a manner that will be
    healing to our body and spirit.  We all experience reoccurring unpleasant
    emotional states.  I have found that the discomfort associated with these states
    (often unexplained fear, anxiety, anger, etc.) do not so much arise out of the
    emotion itself but rather the thinking and judgments that has become associated,
    both on a conscious and subconscious level, with the emotion.   Though Heart
    Centered Emotional Clearing you will learn how to quiet these thoughts, quickly
    clear the emotion (often within a two to three minutes), and access the guidance of
    the emotion.  This is not a cumbersome or time consuming technique and once
    learned can be used as you maneuver through everyday life.

    Intuitive Readings and Guidance

    Intuitive readings are a natural part of my coaching and the other services I
    provide.    The focus of my practice is to help others access their own intuitive
    guidance and not become a replacement for their inner wisdom.  For this reason I
    do not normally provide readings except in conjunction with my other services.  I
    have found that the intuitive guidance that comes to me, which I share as a
    reading, is generally provided as a means to affirm the client’s spiritual path and
    help provide a degree of clarity regarding the work they have before them.

    Inner Guide Work

    Inner guide work focuses on identifying and developing a conscious bond to your
    spiritual guides.  

    Past-life Regression - Spiritual Contract Work

    Experiences, traumas, and decisions/contracts made in past lives can become
    blocks to the full expression of ones intuitive abilities and the satisfaction you
    experience in this life time. Utilizing alchemical techniques these barriers to
    discovering and living your true purpose can be removed.

    Conference Room Technique

    Our personality is made up of many different parts which can be in conflict with
    each other. The aim of Conference Room Technique is to access the various
    personality parts and bring them in alignment with your goals and desires. This
    work can allow you to gain a much richer understanding of yourself, improve your
    external relationships, and more fully experience yourself as a spiritual being that
    is guided and loved.

    Future Self Journey

    By accessing your future self you can obtain guidance in making important
    decisions and changing self defeating patterns of thinking and behaving.

    Alchemical Tarot Readings

    Unlike traditional Tarot readings, you can directly accesses and experience the
    guidance that comes through the cards.  A variety of traditional and unique Tarot
    spreads are used to obtain guidance relating to:

    The future impact of present day choices – “What will happen if…..?”

    Steps to take in achieving a specific goal – “How do I…..?”

    Choosing between several new directions for your life - Four choices?

    Working through relationship challenges – “Me and my partner?”

    General guidance – “Where do I start?”

    Alchemical Dream Work

    A synthesis of Alchemy and Senoi dream work, this technique is used to uncover
    the true meaning of dreams and solve the problem(s) that the dream
    communicates to the conscious mind. This technique is most useful when:

    You have had a powerful dream and want to understand its message.

    You have troublesome recurring dreams.

    You want to “incubate” a dream for an answer to a difficult questions or
    choice in life.

    To explore the guidance of your dreams.

    Opening and Balancing Chakras

    A simple technique used to determine the extent to which each of your Chakras
    are open and when appropriate to open and balance them further.


Jim Peterson MSW, AH, OMC
“Lead into Gold - A Path of Spiritual Transformation”
Heart Directed Living.
An Alchemical Process of
Personal Guidance & Healing.
When desired session payments can be
made by check or with a credit card using
the following "Buy Now"  link:
"I can't recommend
Jim Peterson highly
enough as a healer.  
Jim has helped me
through difficult
emotions tied to
situations that would
not budge with other
healing work.  So,
when I have a client
that has worked with
me, but could use a
different modality than
my shamanic work, I
send that client to Jim.  
His groundedness
provides a safety that
grants those who
work with him
confidence that they
can move forward into
dark emotional
territory and heal
themselves as Jim
holds space for them."  
Elaine La Joie
Fees and Session Scheduling  

Sessions can be scheduled via email or phone (see "Contact Information").  My
office hours are Wednesday through Friday mornings  9 AM and 12 noon pacific
time.  Sessions can be in person or over the phone.  

My work is not motivated by monetary gain and I often provide services for no
fee or a reduced fee.  For those who wish to pay the fee is $50 per session.  Most
sessions last one to two hours.