Endorsements "This is a seminal book filled with wisdom on how
    ego integration must precede ego transcendence. Mrs. Sanchez and
    Mr. Vieira take us to the source of our ego-self, help us understand
    and accept its rightful purpose, and thereby carve a true pathway to
    our liberation into Love."

    Jacquelyn Small,  Awakening in Time; The Sacred Purpose of Being
    Human: A Healing Journey Through the 12 Principles of Wholeness;
    Founding Director of Eupsychia Institute.

    “It’s rare to find a book that really honors the depth of A Course in
    Miracles and provides true help on the path of Awakening…this
    work is both profound and practical. Illuminating, inspiring and
    thought provoking.”

    Michael Dawson, Healing the Cause: A Path of Forgiveness, The
    Findhorn Book of Forgiveness. Founding Director of the Australian
    Centre for Inner Peace.

    “This book is wonderful. ‘Take Me to Truth’ manages to be ‘A
    Course in Miracles’ book in content, without being primarily a
    Course book in form, and that's high praise indeed! I feel this book is
    helping me right now, in ways that make me feel that it will help a lot
    of people. Somehow the authors have a wonderful ability to express
    this stuff in day to day language, in a way very different again from
    Gary Renard’s (‘The Disappearance of the Universe’) 'vernacular’,
    but equally effective in driving the message home, and showing
    people just how damn practical this Course really is; It really
    revolves around being present to where you are, tuning in to the
    right channel by making the other choice.” – Rogier F. van
    Vlissingen, ‘Closing the Circle.’

    "This insightful and provocative blend of A Course in Miracles, the
    Enneagram, and non-dual wisdom clearly reflects the author's deep
    personal investigation into the nature of Truth."
    Stephan Bodian,

    Meditation for Dummies; Buddhism for Dummies; Living Yoga.  

    “The biggest block to wisdom is knowledge…It is about getting over
    our knowledge about ourselves as our identity in order to discover
    the Identity we already had…This book is about how to get over
    being smart, rediscovering yourself as a dummy, and then becoming
    a smart dummy!”

    Dr. Brad Blanton,

    Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth.

    "A good map will show you how to reach your destination, warning
    of dead-ends and other dangers while highlighting wonderful views
    and vistas along the way. The authors have drawn such a map; a
    precise path through the pitfalls of Ego to the holy land of Unified
    Self. This is a wonderful guidebook, from someone who has field-
    tested every page."

    Robert Rabbin, creator of RealTime Speaking, a uniquely powerful
    way of public speaking and communicating based on authenticity,
    integrity, and connection. RealTime Speaking comes from the quality
    of our connection to the present moment, and asks us to be fully
    alert, receptive, and aware of our self, our audience, and our
    environment.  For details, visit: http://www.realtimespeaking.com .

    “Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego”, presents as a western Advaita
    Vedanta; more western and relevant than the traditional versions.
    This is non-dualism delivered in a no non-sense, simple and
    practical way”

    John Hunt, ‘Bringing God Back to Earth’.

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Here is some to the praise this wonderful
new book has earned from best selling
authors and others.
"Take Me to Truth is the perfect
book for our time. Nouk and Tomas
show us how to return to truth in a
remarkable way that is both
fascinating and easy to understand. They distill the core truths found
in "A Course in Miracles"
and bring us insightful ways to heal our feelings of frustration,
limitation and unhappiness that come with the ego thought system.
We highly recommend this book to any serious seeker of the truth."
Robert and Mary Stoelting, Co-Founders of Pathways of Light
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What Are Participants Saying About This Workshop?

“I can't tell you how inspiring it was to come in contact people who have
succeeded on the Course's Sacred Path.”

“Your personal stories held the life blood. They put the work into
intimate and digestible context, making your writing even easier to
relate to.”

"As for the workshop itself, it was an extraordinary learning experience!
I found it amazing how much more impactful it was to hear these
timeless principles taught by people who've lived it. Your development
of the Six Stages of Trust as a roadmap to the spiritual journey is sheer
genius (I feel comfortable lavishing such praise on you as I am
confident neither of you have enough ego to take it too personally!).
Not only is the roadmap helpful, but the fact that you describe Stage 6
as a beginning rather than an end makes the process not only
approachable but achievable...and the fact that you both are present
just provides living proof!”

“Your uniquely dynamic family experience of learning the Course, as a
couple, and then with your daughter, is quite unprecedented, and truly
an inspiration to us all.
Your presentation is absolutely engaging and brought out the
experiential dimension of the Course (ACIM) making it easily accessible
and applicable to our daily lives and relationships.
You’ve made all the mistakes in your own learning experience, and by
sharing this you guided the session into some very rewarding
exercises, some based on your own book, some based on Byron Katie's
work. Your personal stories so effectively anchor the material. They are
huge gifts. There is no amount of theory or substitute that can hold a
candle to experience.
Amidst much lightness and laughter I found a profound dedication to
learning and living the Course, without one iota of compromise to its