I am a husband and this year my wife and I will celebrate our 48th anniversary.  
    Our relationship has been a very important part of my personal and spiritual
    growth.  We have two grown sons whom we cherish and have also been a critical
    part of my journey.       

    I have always had a strong service ethic and worked in the public health/mental
    health /alcohol & drug field for over 30 years.  During the last 22 years of my
    public service carrier I was responsible for developing and managing mental
    health and/or alcohol & drug systems of care.  Following my retirement from
    public service in 2004 I began the formally establishment of the services that are
    reflected in this web site.  

    I have had the awareness, since about the age of 30, that unknown spiritual
    forces have guided me.  I assumed it was “God” but had no sense of a
    relationship outside of a retrospective awareness that my life’s path did not seem
    random or accidental.  I have always been successful by others standards both in
    my work as a clinician and as a human services manger.  One of my gifts is the
    ability to take ideas and manifest them in the form of human service programs
    and services.  I am able to bring people together to forge a common vision and
    mobilize their energy towards common goals.  As a clinician I had insight into my
    client’s emotional workings.  Looking back I know that these were expressions
    of my intuitive abilities.  However, for much of my life these abilities were
    masked by an intellect and personal fears/doubts that kept me shrouded from the
    experience of my spirit.  

    What I call my spiritual awakening started about 20 years ago when I was
    introduced to the work of Caroline Myss (resource link).  Her work resonated
    with me in a very profound way.  I was raised Catholic but had abandoned much
    of the teaching of the church in early adulthood, viewing organized religion as
    oppressive and focused on the negative.  Caroline’s work drew much on the
    spiritual traditions of the Catholic Church as well as eastern traditions (which
    had always intrigued me) and gave me new perspectives on the nature of my
    spirit, spiritual laws, and how to understand my life experiences from a spiritual
    perspective.  Her work on sacred contracts was most profound and it was through
    self-study on my own archetypes (with the help of her book “Sacred Contracts”)
    that I came to the realization that the pain I felt in my life was of my own
    making.   This awareness brought much healing and transformation for me
    personally and in my relationship with my wife.   

    The next significant influence in my spiritual healing and transformation was the
    best selling author and psychic Sonia Choquette, PhD (resource link) It is no
    coincidence that I was introduced to Sonia when she was a guest speaker at a
    Caroline Myss workshop.  I was so impressed with Sonia that I took her one-day
    workshop the next day.  While Carolyn’s work mostly resonated with my higher
    intellect, Sonia’s work opened me to the experience of my heart.   I went on to
    study and train with Sonia and completed her professional Level I and II Six
    Sensory Certification program.  

    Fifteen years ago while my wife and I were in Arizona, at one of Sonia’s intensive
    workshops, I had a mystical experience which awoke my intuitive abilities and
    brought to my awareness the Native American roots to my own spirituality.  Upon
    returning home I sought out and began a year long  mentor ship with a spiritual
    teacher and medicine women, Michele Field  (resource link).  Michele helped me
    in exploring/developing/understanding my intuitive gifts, my relationship with my
    spirit guides, and how to manage the new energy I was experiencing.  

    As my intuitive gifts began to more fully manifest, I became aware of a calling to
    return to clinical work and more specifically a desire to help others in uncovering
    their intuitive gifts and living their true purpose.  My work with Michele
    ultimately lead me to The Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts in Santa Rosa
    California (resource link) and the Alchemy Institute in the Pyrenees, France
    (resource link) where I completed 350 hours of course work/training and
    achieved my advanced certification as an Alchemical Hypnotherapist.

    In 2005 I was introduced to A Course In Miracles and became an ardent student.  
    Along with a friend we started ACIM study group which continues to this day.  
    This path ultimately led me to completing course work from and ordination threw
    Pathway of Light whose philosophy and  curriculum is based on ACIM.   

    While my teachers have brought me a wealth of knowledge and experience their
    true blessing in my life has been the personal healing and spiritual
    transformation they have guided me through.  It is my deepest wish to be of
    equal service to others along their spiritual path.

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Jim Peterson MSW, AH, OMC
Heart Directed Living
An Alchemical Process of
Personal Guidance & Healing.
“Lead into Gold - A Path of Spiritual Transformation”
“Something, more in
Jim's being than
anything he did, per se,
evoked a level of self-
honesty - between me
and me! - that was
revealing and
grounding. That
connection with
myself, along with his
gentle guidance and
towards certain
practices of inquiry and
affirmation have moved
me along in my
process. He is a very
safe and sweet place to
be...”  R. H.