Rev. Jim Peterson MSW, AH, OMC
Poems and Writings For Heart Directed Living
Wisdom Rising

    As I have moved along my path of spiritual awareness inspirational
    writing has been an important tool.  It is a method I use to connect to a
    higher order of wisdom then is available through my physical thinking
    mind.   If you consider “thinking” as a mental process of the brain in
    which conclusions are derived by you through analysis and the
    formulation of judgments.  Then inspirational writing is the process of
    inquiry in which you allow clarity (the answer) to come to you.  Thus
    inspirational writing is simply recording what comes to you rather than
    a conscious effort on your part to formulate the answer.   

    My first experience with inspirational writing came to me in 2006. I was
    vacuuming our living room rug when an opening line to a poem
    suddenly came into me awareness.  The interesting thing is that I had
    never written a poem before yet I did not think it strange that this
    opening line would just come to me.  It simply felt natural and I knew
    instantly who the poem was for.  I went to my computer, wrote the
    opening line and then the rest of the poem came forward.  

    At first these writings would simply come to me and they were almost
    always affirmation and wisdom for others.  As time went on I found that I
    could use this method to get answers to questions or get a deeper
    understanding of things that I was feeling and experiencing.  

    In 2016 I published, "Wisdom Rising - Poems and Writings for Heart
    Directed Living" which is a collection of the poems and wisdom writings
    I have received threw this connection with Spirit.  The book is available
    threw Amazon Books.