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Rev. Jim Peterson MSW, AH, OMC

    I am a spirit-based ordained minister and intuitive coach who utilizes “Heart
    Directed” strategies in helping others remove the barriers to fully manifest their
    intuitive abilities, access their spiritual helpers, and connect with their true
    spiritual selves.

    From early childhood we are taught to find the meaning of things (Truth) in the
    external world - through our five senses. Thus the meaning of our life, our
    purpose, who we are seem to be a matter of external validation. In reality Truth
    is not something that can be experienced through our five senses. Rather Truth
    lies within us - within our Heart Center.

    All work with Spirit springs from our heart center.  Within the physical world our
    heart comes closest to the representation of the mind of God we all share. It is a
    place from which true wisdom is known in the moment.  Thus our connection to
    Spirit represents an intuitive rather than analytical process. It is a process of
    quieting the mind and letting our heart (Spirit) speak.  

    This Inner Wisdom is there waiting to be rediscovered. Our sixth sense - the
    intuitive/psychic gifts that we each poses represent our pathway to our Inner
    Wisdom. Thus my practice is exclusively focused on helping clear away the
    barriers to this pathway and fully accessing the Inner Wisdom which awaits.

    As a Spiritual Teacher my role is to lead in the sense that I walk slightly ahead of
    my students, and help them avoid a few of the pitfalls along the road by seeing
    them first.  But I am also a follower, for Spirit walks ahead of me to give me light
    to see our path.

    I come from a professional background of over 30 years in public health, mental
    health and substance abuse treatment/prevention.  I have advanced training in
    the intuitive arts including certification as a Six Sensory Advanced Professional
    Practitioner from Sonia Choquette PhD.  Additionally I have advanced
    certification form the Santa Rosa School of Alchemy in Alchemical Hypnotherapy
    and in 2017 completed the course work from Pathway of Light and was ordained
    as a ministerial counselor. What tie all these experiences together are my studies
    and experiences as a student of A Course In Miracles.  These programs and
    studies along with my life experiences have provided me a solid foundation upon
    which my spirit based intuitive work has emerged.

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“Lead into Gold - A Path of Spiritual Transformation”
Heart Directed Living.
An Alchemical Process of
Personal Guidance & Healing.
"I am very grateful to
have worked with
Jim.  He is gentle yet
firm as he guides you
through the
tumultuous waters of
your emotions to find
peace and serenity.  
He is the lighthouse
guiding you through
the storm safely.  I
highly recommend
Jim.  The tools that he
provides you with to
be able to know your
truth and find peace
are life changing".